At Mercer, we are creating a culture of belonging where all colleagues can bring their whole selves to work and thrive.

Having a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture makes us stronger as an organisation and improves the quality of our work. 带着好奇心工作, 细心正直,了解同事和客户的需求, 我们帮助他们取得成功.
Understanding and valuing the strengths of all our colleagues is core to our purpose at Mercer. Because we recognise that the unique talents and experiences our colleagues bring to the work they do each day add up to a more complete perspective. Nurturing a culture where everyone can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging leads to richer discussions, 更多创新的想法,最终产生更大的影响. Below are details about Mercer’s approach, strategy and actions, and commitments.


The diversity of our workforce reflects the communities where we live and work. Learn more 关于美世的员工队伍以及我们对包容性和多样性的承诺.

我们在培养领导者, 让经理和同事成为布莱克的盟友和支持者, 土著和有色人种(BIPOC)同事.

We’re delivering equitable learning, development, promotions and rewards to all colleagues.



Mercer has a longstanding practice of reviewing pay and promotion decisions to identify and mitigate bias. We are committed to expanding this focus to other core business practices and policies.

Mercer offers a mix of regional and local mentorship programmes to help elevate BIPOC colleagues through career sponsorship.


We continuously build organisational capability to sustain an inclusive workplace.

Colleagues are required to attend learning sessions and certify that they understand the concepts of unconscious bias, 在工作中成为一个盟友和尊重. People managers participate in additional forums to discuss creating and sustaining an inclusive culture.


Business leaders of large organisations have multiyear goals to increase representation of BIPOC colleagues in critical roles. At Mercer, leaders create a plan for engaging, retaining and developing BIPOC colleagues.

美世制定了吸引和聘用多元化人才的措施. We’re de-biasing job postings and diversifying and training our hiring managers and interview teams.


We’ve created a series of listening sessions and colleague experience surveys with the aim of better informing and driving our actions. We use these tools to increase awareness and understanding of differences across many diversity dimensions.

We’ve established diversity advisory councils at the enterprise and local levels to guide actions with local leaders.


Our BRGs are an integral part of Mercer’s ability to succeed in building a culture of belonging.

Made up of colleagues who voluntarily work together to help Mercer achieve its diversity vision, 每个BRG都在改善公司文化和环境方面发挥着关键作用. 提供来自整个组织的独特视角, 每个BRG都专注于我们的招聘能力, develop and retain the best talent; work with an increasingly diverse client base; and connect to the increasingly diverse communities in which our colleagues and clients live and work. We currently have BRGs across Mercer from the following communities: 种族和民族多样性, Women@Mercer, 新兴专业人士网络, 无障碍与骄傲.

The Women@Mercer programme aims to support and expand gender balance in conjunction with our global community of women’s networks. We’re also committed to promoting Mercer’s internal and external gender-diversity brand to maximise the company’s ability to recruit, develop, 留住和提升女性人才.

The 种族和民族多样性 BRG works to help make Mercer the employer of choice for the best and brightest diverse talent. The group fosters an inclusive work environment where employees from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities can thrive as professionals and contribute to Mercer’s success.

Mercer’s Pride BRG is dedicated to helping Mercer realise the full value of the firm’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender+ colleagues while supporting Mercer’s strategic imperatives.

新兴专业人士BRG连接, 发展和授权驱动, ambitious and diverse colleagues through networking and programming for professional and developmental growth.

AccessABILITIES@Mercer aims to enhance a culture of inclusion for colleagues with disabilities and for caregivers, 创造一个建立在同理心基础上的工作场所, dignity, 信任和尊重让每个人的能力大放异彩.

The Mercer Cares BRG harnesses our people’s passion for making a meaningful difference in our communities through volunteering. Mercer colleagues have the opportunity to make an impact together by mentoring students, 改善社区卫生和保健, 支持退伍军人团体, 并自愿支持各种其他事业. We make it easy for our colleagues to volunteer by offering one paid workday off each calendar year for volunteer service with a nonprofit or charitable organisation.



    美世正在帮助世界各地的客户重新定义工作世界, 重塑退休和投资结果, 为他们的人民带来真正的健康和幸福.



      We are proud to be recognised by leading publications, associations and studies for our achievements. 特色奖项包括: